Can you reuse cedar planks for grilling

Have you ever thought within yourself or spoken to someone if it is possible to reuse cedar planks for grilling? Maybe you aren’t sure of the answer or you are definitely not getting the response you desire so you decide to take it to Google and other search engines and type: can you reuse cedar planks for grilling? Well am sure you will always find something on these search engines whether or not you are satisfied with the response returned is another question only you can answer.

Can you reuse cedar planks for grilling? Well let’s start by explaining what grilling planks are. Grilling planks have always been in use since time immemorial to infuse natural smoke flavor into food as a natural original seasoning. Using grilling planks help protect food from direct flame while keeping it moist and juicy. Even though, planks are known to be considered as a choice for smoking foods, not all food can be paired with some grilling planks and one of such food is salmon. Although salmons can be grilled on a cedar plank, but can you reuse cedar planks for grilling?

Technically, you can use the grilling plank multiple times but the only time you can get a fresh wood flavor is when it is being used the first time. There are steps to follow when preparing your cedar wood for grilling for the first time, which include rinsing the cedar plank itself with water by filling a large container with water and submerging the cedar plank between the duration of 1-4 hours and add a tablespoon of salt after the plank is dry in order to enhance the planks flavor. So it is not recommended to use it multiple times as it defeat the purpose of using it in the first place. The whole essence of using planks for grilling is to get the most of the rare flavor no other kitchen equipment gives. It is very much understandable that you would want to get a good value of your money. If you are no longer bothered with getting the quality flavor as the first time use for a cedar planks for grilling then yes you can reuse cedar planks for grilling.

Since the question being asked ’ can you reuse cedar planks for grilling ’ has been answered in a positive light for those looking to save cost or for whatever reason they would want to reuse a cedar plank for grilling. It is worth noting that reusing cedar planks for grilling could cause food safety issues that might require medical attention if it is not properly cleaned. Then why choose to reuse a cedar wood plank if you decide to clean it and most of the flavor which is the essence of using the wood in the first is lost. If you decide not to clean it like I have stated earlier will cause health issues that might require medical attention.

So, if you were being asked: can you reuse cedar planks for grilling? The points mentioned above are some of the vital things to consider.

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