Best Charcoal and gas combo grill

The best combo grill is your grill. You do have one, right?

Imagine a sunny day, the overwhelming beauty of the scenery winking at you through the window, the green of the grass and trees luring you with the fresh smell of nature, when, all of a sudden, mesmerized, tired from the effort of trying to cope with all this awesomeness, you start getting… hungry. Surrounded by all this beauty and yet unable to really sink in it properly on an empty stomach. What to do? Make a sandwich? Come on, you can do better than that. You don’t want to settle for less, do you? Your children don’t want that, right?

Your neighbors don’t want that for sure, because we all know that great smell travels faster than light. The thought of a great meal awakened by a great smell, that is… A sandwich won’t help you cross this mountain of hunger. No, you need something real, hearty, manly. You need a big steak. And what to do with it? Give it a sunburn? Wouldn’t you rather tuck it gently in the warm embrace of an open fire? Or not! Maybe you’re just too hungry, in which case you can turn the gas on, slap the steak on the grill and count the minutes until liftoff. And it’s so easy! All you need is a charcoal and gas combo grill, which, as the name suggests, gives you two options: charcoal fire or gas.

If you choose to have patience and go for the charcoal, you will get the smoky flavor we all love and, let’s face it, a more genuine experience. Somehow burning charcoal brings you closer to nature, takes you in a more rustic state of mind, which makes the whole grilling adventure a delight, and not a cooking chore.

Of course, you could be too hungry to enjoy this communion with nature, so if you want to skip all the preparation required, all the „bureaucracy ” involved in grilling, you can just turn on the gas. It’s that easy to change your mind. A combo grill lets you get away with it. It doesn’t care if you’re picky, sloppy, lazy. It will put up with you no matter what and will still grill that juicy piece of meat for you and love doing it! A combo grill just might become one of the most prized members of your family.

So, what is the absolute best charcoal and gas combo grill? Is it the most expensive one? The biggest one? The one with the most functions? Actually, the best charcoal and gas combo grill is the one you have. Or, if you are unfortunate enough not to have been properly advised until now, the one you will buy in exactly 3, 2, 1… what are you still waiting for?

Does the brand matter? Well, yes, but don’t let the price stand in the way of your appetite. Whichever you get, you can’t go wrong with this sizzling combo. Charcoal and gas! I mean, really, this piece didn’t actually need all the words written above, only this two, charcoal and gas, to convince you, but I just figured I could work up an appetite until my grill (charcoal and gas, needless to say) heats up. So, happy shopping and „Bon appetit!” to me.

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